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Indiana Law students can build their own plan of study by taking classes from a number of different areas, or they can choose an area of focus.

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B723 Evidence

Description Evidence law regulates the proof of facts at trial and reflects the construction of courtroom #truth.# In this course, we will examine the Federal Rules of Evidence and explore some aspects of their practical application. The course will cover: relevance, character, experts, impeachment, hearsay, documents and best evidence. We will look at the rules and cases to analyze how evidence law may perpetuate and influence the cultural values, legal rules, and social norms that our society uses to assess credibility. This course will include a final exam.

Faculty A. Orenstein, J. Tanford, J. Eaglin

Fall 2017-2018EvidenceOrenstein, A.
Spring 2016-2017EvidenceEaglin, J.
Fall 2016-2017EvidenceTanford, A.
Spring 2015 - 2016EvidenceEaglin, J.
Fall 2015 - 2016EvidenceOrenstein, A.
Spring 2014 - 2015EvidenceOrenstein, A.
Fall 2014 - 2015EvidenceTanford, A.
Spring 2013 - 2014EvidenceOrenstein, A.
Fall 2013 - 2014EvidenceTanford, A.
Spring 2012 - 2013EvidenceOrenstein, A.
Fall 2012 - 2013EvidenceTanford, A.
Fall 2012 - 2013EvidenceTanford, A.
Spring 2011 - 2012EvidenceTanford, A.
Fall 2011 - 2012EvidenceOrenstein, A.
Spring 2010 - 2011EvidenceOrenstein, A.
Fall 2010 - 2011EvidenceTanford, A.
Spring 2009 - 2010Evidence (first day's assignment)Bethel, T.
Spring 2009 - 2010Evidence (syllabus)Orenstein, A.
Fall 2009 - 2010Evidence (site)Tanford, A.