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Indiana Law students can build their own plan of study by taking classes from a number of different areas, or they can choose an area of focus.

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B698 Judicial Field Placements

Description Judicial field placements (also known as externships) offer an unparalleled opportunity to study at first hand judicial decision-making; federal and state jurisdiction; civil and criminal procedure; and the court system as a whole, as well as to polish skills in legal research, writing, observation, and analysis. Judicial externs will work one full day (or two half-days) per week, for 10-12 weeks, in the chambers of a federal or state judge. Their work is directed by the judge and law clerks, and reviewed by the professor. Students share some of the duties of the judge#s law clerks, including the responsibility for active case files. Students often also observe trials, arguments, pre-trial conferences, and sentencings. This field work will begin the third week of the semester; during the first two weeks of the semester, students will meet with the instructor at a mutually convenient time, for up to a total of four (4) hours, to prepare for the externship by reviewing judicial ethics; opinion-writing; and structural issues. As the semester goes on, students will also submit a series of short reflective essays on their externship experience. Students seeking externships with a judge or judge magistrate in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, or a justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, should apply through Professor Lahn. The availability of these placements is limited, and ultimately will depend on judges# decisions about which students they accept for the semester. While externs at the federal or Supreme Court level are usually 3Ls, those judges have accepted 2Ls as well. If you are interested in one of these Southern District or Indiana Supreme Court externships, please apply by submitting a resume by April 1 to Prof. Lahn at, identifying the day(s) of the week that you would be available to work in chambers. Students who have arranged, or plan to arrange, externships with state intermediate appellate or trial judges for credit should enroll under this course number as well, and may enroll without waiting for permission of the instructor. Students may pursue those placements on their own, but Prof. Lahn and OCPD are happy to suggest potential state-court judicial externships based on our students# past experience and to support your placement search. Pass/Fail.

Note This course satisfies the professional skills requirement.

Faculty S. Lahn

Spring 2014 - 2015Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Fall 2014 - 2015Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Spring 2013 - 2014Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Fall 2013 - 2014Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Spring 2012 - 2013Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Fall 2012 - 2013Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Spring 2011 - 2012Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Fall 2011 - 2012Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Spring 2010 - 2011Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Spring 2010 - 2011Judicial Field PlacementsLahn, S.
Fall 2010 - 2011Judicial Field PlacementsLahn
Fall 2009 - 2010Judicial Field PlacementsLahn