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Indiana Law students can build their own plan of study by taking classes from a number of different areas, or they can choose an area of focus.

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B659 American Legal History

Description Rather than any sort of survey or general overview, a sampling of scholarship in American legal history is what this course offers. The sampling will, however, touch on all four centuries of American legal history, and will attend to a wide range of areas of substantive law: property, contracts, torts; and administrative, criminal, family, and corporate law. The writing assignments will require analysis and evaluation of our authors# strategies of argumentation. More generally, the course will consider how law itself changes, and how law has mattered#- or not#- in social and political change. Many questions addressed should ring familiar, from reading that students have done in the notes and other supplementary materials found in standard casebooks that seek to give historical perspectives on doctrinal change. But in this course, without any need to #cover doctrine,# there is an opportunity to pursue historical perspectives at length, and wherever the students# interests lead. Roundtable discussion is very important in the weekly proceedings and the final grading in this course. Satisfying the advanced writing requirement, this course has no final exam.

Note This course may offer writing credit.

Faculty S. Conrad, M. Grossberg

Fall 2017-2018American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2016-2017American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2015 - 2016American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2014 - 2015American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2013 - 2014American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2012 - 2013American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2011 - 2012American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2010 - 2011American Legal HistoryConrad, S.
Fall 2009 - 2010American Legal HistoryConrad, S.