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Indiana Law students can build their own plan of study by taking classes from a number of different areas, or they can choose an area of focus.

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B650 Introduction to Income Tax

Description This course examines the underlying structural framework of the federal income tax as it applies to individuals. It addresses such critical questions as: What is income? Whose income is it? When is it income? What income is eligible for preferential rates? The course will also explore the different roles played by Congress, the Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service, and the courts in developing tax law. Our primary focus will be on the concepts, context, and policy aims that underpin the federal income tax system. Cases and problems form the background for discussion. There are no prerequisites. The course is a prerequisite for most advanced tax courses and some business law classes. The course is aimed at the general legal practitioner as well as the future tax and business law specialist. In addition to a final exam, there will be regular student assessments including unannounced in-class quizzes, and group-based problem sets.

Faculty L. Lederman, A. Mehrotra, W. Popkin, J. Bird-Pollan

Fall 2015 - 2016Introduction to Income TaxBird-Pollan, J.
Spring 2014 - 2015Introduction to Income TaxMehrotra, A.
Fall 2014 - 2015Introduction to Income TaxLederman, L.
Spring 2013 - 2014Introduction to Income TaxMehrotra, A.
Fall 2013 - 2014Introduction to Income TaxLederman, L.
Spring 2012 - 2013Introduction to Income TaxMehrotra, A.
Fall 2012 - 2013Introduction to Income TaxLederman, L.
Spring 2011 - 2012Introduction to Income TaxMehrotra, A.
Fall 2011 - 2012Introduction to Income TaxKaye, T.
Spring 2010 - 2011Introduction to Income TaxMehrotra, A.
Fall 2010 - 2011Introduction to Income Tax (syllabus)Lederman, L.
Spring 2009 - 2010Introduction to Income Tax (syllabus)Mehrotra, A.
Fall 2009 - 2010Introduction to Income Tax (syllabus) (first day's assignment)Lederman, L.