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Indiana Law students can build their own plan of study by taking classes from a number of different areas, or they can choose an area of focus.

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L636 Seminar in Transnational Law

Description In contrast to traditional domestic legal fields such as contract, property or corporate law on the one hand and fields such as public or private international law (#conflict of laws#) on the other, transnational law is the law and the theory of norm making actors and processes that do not neatly fit the domestic/international divide. Some examples operate wholly within domestic institutions; other examples involve various intertwinements of international and domestic law; still other key examples include best practice standards in the areas of financial regulation, banking, and corporate governance, but also as regards human rights obligations for corporations, technical norms or certification schemes in forestry or diamond trade. The core contention of transnational law is that many of the legislative, adjudicatory and judicial structures pertaining to globe-spanning societal activity are not located on either the national or inter-national level, but in a transnational sphere, which encompasses institutional, procedural and normative dimensions as well as various relationships between and among domestic law, international law and private ordering as well as a number of state and non-state actors. (3 credits)

Note This course may offer writing credit.

Faculty Aman

Spring 2014 - 2015Seminar in Transnational LawAman
Spring 2011 - 2012Seminar in Transnational LawAman
Spring 2011 - 2012Seminar in Transnational LawAman, A.