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Indiana Law students can build their own plan of study by taking classes from a number of different areas, or they can choose an area of focus.

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L712 Seminar in International Law: Cybersecurity

Description This seminar focuses on the legal and policy challenges created by the expanding threats posed to the security of countries and individuals by criminal, terrorist, and war-like acts undertaken through the technologies that enable cyberspace. The seminar will examine the technological underpinnings of the Internet and its use for malevolent purposes and will analyze the legal and policy problems associated with addressing crime, terrorism, and war perpetrated through cyberspace. The seminar will emphasize international efforts to confront these security threats, including international legal instruments that address crime, terrorism, and armed conflict. The seminar will also explore a range of legal and policy proposals for improving cybersecurity globally.

Note This course may offer writing credit.

Faculty D. Fidler

Spring 2010 - 2011Seminar in International Law: CybersecurityFidler, D.