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Indiana Law students can build their own plan of study by taking classes from a number of different areas, or they can choose an area of focus.

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B507 Public Speaking

Description One hour course, pass/fail meeting weekly on Thursdays at 3:25pm. Limited to twenty students. Each student will do three or four ten minute presentations to the class. The presentations will be video-recorded and the student will review the video with the instructor. There will be immediate feedback by the instructor and members of the class as well. To ensure an audience for each presentation, attendance at each class will be very important. Presentations will be of the student's own choice, but suggested topics include: (1) Explaining a new case or legal development to a lay audience; (2) Discussing an issue in current events; (3) Making a presentation to a group of client representatives regarding a transaction or lawsuit; and (4) Doing a continuing legal education presentation on a specific, rather narrow topic of law. Class instruction and suggested readings will focus on practical tips for public speaking with the goal to increase self confidence in doing public presentations, whether it be an audience of one (a client or senior partner), six (a civil jury) or one hundred (a continuing legal education presentation).

Note This course satisfies the professional skills requirement.

Faculty J. Steele, D. Mallon

Spring 2016-2017Public SpeakingCurrell, D.
Spring 2011 - 2012Public SpeakingMallon, D.
Spring 2010 - 2011Public SpeakingSteele, J.